Food & Trees for Africa

The global environment is under strain. Environmental limits have been reached or surpassed. The time to act is now! Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) offers 22 years of greening experience through internationally recognised programmes. These programmes present opportunities for climate change response through carbon offsets and deliver Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Enterprise Development (ED).

FTFAs six national programmes are: 

  1. Trees for All 
  2. Trees for Homes 
  3. Bamboo for Africa 
  4. Food Gardens for Africa 
  5. FEED Africa  
  6. EduPlant


FTFA believes in making a difference. Started in 1990, FTFA is a South African social enterprise whose objectives are:

  • to contribute to greening, climate change action, sustainable natural resource management, permaculture food security and organic farming;
  • to create awareness of the benefits of environmental improvement activities amongst all communities of southern Africa;
  • to contribute to local economic enterprise, sustainable development, enhanced environments, capacity building and skills development.

FTFA has distributed almost 4.2 million trees, planted 80 hectares of bamboo bio energy plantations, facilitated the creation of thousands of natural food gardens and some organic farms for the poorest.

FTFA launched the first South African web based and mobile phone carbon calculators and established the Climate Hero Awards, as well as the Carbon Protocol.

FTFA works in partnership, and with the support, endorsement and cooperation of government, the private and public sectors, aid agencies, organisations, media and individuals to achieve these aims through the six programmes.

This approach leads to healthier lives for impoverished communities, more sustainable green environments and increased awareness of how we human beings impact the planet and what can be done to address this.

For a complete list of FTFA’s history, development partners, board members, patrons, employees, projects, products, media, audited financial statements and more, please refer to the award winning website: and mobi site:

All of FTFAs programmes complement each other and can be applied as an integrated approach to develop sustainable and healthy settlements and villages.