Co-opTV aims to promote civic intelligence, which is our capacity to adapt to our environment and shape a future that is healthy, equitable & sustainable. Through entrepreneurial partnerships and effective communication we strive to strengthen diverse communities and encourage better citizens. Co-opTV is a South African online TV platform that is interactive while entertaining. Established in 2008 Life in Balance has been at the forefront of recreating social consciousness based
on the premise that one person can indeed make a difference. With a focus on the website and social media presence, both platforms connect you with the exponential market of conscious consumers: those are aware of what they purchase and what media they trust for their news. Daily news feeds update the home page and regular contributions from a wide variety of experts, entrepreneurs, product innovators, designers and activators of change ensure an editorial mix that is fresh, honest and inspiring. Life in Balance cuts through the jargon, allowing readers to make informed choices; whether they have already embraced a conscious lifestyle or are taking their first steps on the journey and are looking for guidance.