Art Night


THURSDAY 25 OCTOBER 2012 18:00 - 21:00

Join us on a journey of exploration and discover Art for Change art night- artists working to make a difference. Enjoy a glass of wine, meet the artists, talk about the work! Stand a chance to win one of 6 complimentary tickets to attend the The Art For Change Change Room.

The Art For Change Change Room takes place on Friday the 26th October. There are 4 Change Rooms which take place from 9am to 5pm. There are only 60 seats available per Change Room and cost R 495.00 per session.

Entry to galleries is free.


Participating Venues Exhibitions:

smac art

SMAC Cape Town Jacques Coetzer : The Atlas Complex

Smac Plus, In-Fin Art Building, Corner of Buitengracht & Buitensingel Streets, Cape Town

Tel 021 422 5100


Blank Projects Machine Worries, Machine Hearts

Pedro Gómez-Egaña (Co/De), Donna Kukama (SA), Cameron MacLeod (Ca/No), Toril Johannessen (No), James Webb (SA), Phillip Raiford Johnson (UK/SA), Magnhild Øen Nordahl (Se/No)

Machine Worries, Machine Hearts is a group exhibition about the possibilities of human-machine empathy. Featuring works by artists from Norway, Sweden, Colombia, South Africa, Canada and the United Kingdom, the exhibition is inspired by an ancient Chinese story. Curated by Anthea Buys

In the fourth century B.C.E., the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi, wrote a fable of a traveling scholar who encountered a farmer struggling to retrieve water from a well to irrigate his crops. The farmer’s toils were exacerbated by his refusal to use a simple mechanical process to extract the water. He explained his position to the scholar as follows: “I heard my teacher say that where there are machines, there are bound to be machine worries; where there are machine worries there are bound to be machine hearts. With a machine heart in your breast you’ve destroyed what was pure and simple… It’s not that I don’t know about your machine. I would be ashamed to use it!”

The farmer in this story is wary of the ways in which machines might corrupt some essentially human quality in him. This anxiety, and the territory of human-machine relations more broadly, is well-explored in science fiction and cybernetics, and also in recent exhibitions. However, in this exhibition, we take the phrases "machine worries" and "machine hearts" at face value and imagine them as real emotional states or ways of feeling. What are “machine worries”, or what might it be like for a machine to “worry”? Can we imagine our way into the “hearts” of machines?

The suggestion of machines possessing emotions is tethered to much larger questions concerning signification and communication, the mechanisms of feeling, and the idea of 'being' as a uniquely human quality. In this exhibition, different works imply processes or states such as demise, competition, confusion, expression, antagonism and affection in ways that narrow the gap between human and machine subjectivity.

Machine Worries, Machine Hearts is generously supported by the Office for Contemporary Art in Norway, the Contemporary Art Development Trust in South Africa, and blank projects.

113-115 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock
Cape Town
Tel 072 198 9221

A Word of Art The Tropic of Soda

Jean de Wet : Artist / Illustrator
The Tropic of Soda is a series of detailed drawings that explores and describes a remote cluster of islands, mutating and evolving for centuries off an unknown and mysterious coast. With the first records of this new and unknown ecology, Jean de Wet presents a strange and opulent world with his idiosyncratic use of dense and hypnotic line work.

Jean works with dip pen and ink on paper of all sizes and will also present a variety of printed matter for this exhibition.

Woodstock Industrial Centre, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock
Cape Town
Tel 083 300 9970

Films for Change

Labia on Orange 2 Screenings @ 18:00
2 Screenings @ 20:00
Films for Change at Labia – R35.00 ticket price.

See Film Festival for full details on screenings
68 Orange Street, Gardens,
Cape Town Tel 021 424 5927

After Party at Moyo
Clock Tower Precinct, Waterfront 21:00 - 23:00
Cash Bar available