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About The Change Agent

Original, provocative and designed to activate change, CHANGE AGENT is the official mouthpiece of the annual Sustain Our Africa (SoA) Summit. It is an exciting communications portal exploring sustainable options in Africa.

The CHANGE AGENT Annual 2012 will be launched on October 23rd 2012 at the Premier’s Dinner, which opens the Sustain Our Africa (SOA) Conference in Cape Town.

You will encounter Change Agent in many forms:

  • CHANGE AGENT ANNUAL – This visually dynamic collective will be packed with some of the best and most intriguing stories of resilience and evidence of change being shared at the SOA Summit.
  • CHANGE AGENT LIVE – Our live website will be updated with new stories about sustainability on a regular basis – keeping you up to date with the latest information and trends, and providing you with an archived database of articles.
  • CHANGE AGENT TWITTER – Keeping the conversation alive, we will connect with other change agents around the world debating and ruminating on the most relevant issues of our time.
  • CHANGE AGENT also offers other services provided by our highly experienced in-house team.
  • CHANGE AGENT offers a gateway to a passionate and expert team of communication strategists who are connected to specialists in every field to help you unlock the potential in marketing your brand’s unique sustainable advantage. We are able to help you tell your good story with sincerity whilst keeping an eye on your business objectives and – in the process – help your business become an agent of change within our diverse society. Do not be afraid of your past – your journey towards full circle sustainability is a powerful story that needs to be told in order to encourage all your stakeholders to participate.



MONICA is the editor-in-chief on Change Agent publications and TV series. She has received multiple accolades for both journalism and her contribution to public relations events in South Africa. She has an MBA, an MPhil in sustainable development (cum laude) and a B.Journalism Honours degree. She has contributed to the organisation of three exhibitions at United Nations events, two of which have won Best Stand Awards. Monica has founded and edited a couple of award-winning magazines in South Africa – not least her most recent, Mind Shift magazine, which won her a government commendation for her role in reminding business of its responsibilities towards society and the environment. Monica has also co-produced a 13-part TV series for SABC based on her first outdoor lifestyle magazine, Out There.

A keen hiker and outdoors person, she was the Environmental Journalist of the Year in 2008. Her publications have won close to 40 industry awards for excellence.


BRENDON is the publisher and creative director on Change Agent and Co-Founder of Sustain Our Africa.

Brendon is a serial publisher of books and magazines. Most notably he founded the academic journals Art South Africa (ongoing and recently celebrating 10 years of publishing) and ITCH creative literary journal (ongoing and Brendon sits on the WITS Academic Board of ITCH). Brendon has received numerous awards for design, editorial and publishing for his books and magazines. 

For the past 15 years as a gallerist and curator Brendon has also been committed to development in the arts and culture sectors having received numerous accolades and awards for his contributions. As a curator and cultural activist he is now committed to developing platforms and forums for artists and creatives to present work that carries strong social and environmental messaging, in line with the objectives of Sustain our Africa and CHANGE AGENT.


MELISSA is a founding editor on Change Agent. She is a multi-faceted marketing communications strategist and talented wordsmith whose career has spanned traditional advertising, interactive television, web based marketing and book and magazine publishing.

She is also a teacher and experienced facilitator of workshops and corporate events. In 2008 she launched South Africa’s first free national environmental magazine – Life in Balance – focusing on raising awareness around issues of conscious ‘consumerism’ and environmental sustainability.

Whilst maintaining her role as editorial director for Life in Balance, Melissa consults to Ogilvyearth as a sustainability communications strategist. 

She has worked in London and Taiwan and has a deep understanding of the intricate nature of the issues facing us as a result of resource depletion and works with utter commitment to help develop and communicate messages that are enlightening, motivational and educational for her corporate clients and readers of Life in Balance.

Melissa is an avid traveller, insightful connector and activist who has worked with some of the UK’s and South Africa’s leading brands. She holds an honours degree in English literature and a cum laude Marketing Diploma. Her short story, Last Chance Lions, was shortlisted for the British Airways Travel Writer of the Year competition in 2010.

deon robbertze

DEON ROBBERTZE – SOA Co-Founder & Creative Director

DEON is one of the key creative minds behind CHANGE AGENT publications, TV and consulting. He has 20 plus years of experience in the marketing and communications industry.

Deon started his career as an advertising photographer before moving onto art direction. He then became a commercials director before turning to creative directing. He has worked locally, across the continent of Africa as well as oversees from London to the West Indies.

Deon is the co-founder & creative director of Sustain our Africa and believes true sustainability is the only way forward; that we have to change how we view growth, and that the power of collaborative, open source sustainable ideas and solutions and will change the way we think, act and live forever.


CRIS is an assistant editor on CHANGE AGENT publications and a researcher on CHANGE AGENT TV. A member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and a well-travelled South African student in sustainability, CRIS is working on his MPhil in Sustainable Development Planning and Management at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch. With a keen interest in ethics, his focus is on the role of ethical decision-making in societal transitions. As a writer, musician and an academic, Cris is sure to incorporate structure, creativity and philosophical musings into his efforts. He has had a number of opinion piece articles and creative writing works published by the likes of LeadSA and Beyond Sustainability Quarterly.

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