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The true value of companies are the shared value they create for others. At Pick n Pay, we know that GOODNESS isn't just about what is in your trolley. That's why we're committed to supporting and recognising South African people, businesses and organisations which share goodness in their own way to make our country the beautiful place we know it to be.

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The story behind GOODNESS.

Berry Hill Trading

In the big impact of small business, that’s where we’ve found GOODNESS.

Sibusiso Tshabalala saw the potential in his grandfather's woodcutting and charcoal venture. He also saw the need for social upliftment in his community. So he learned from his grandfather and developed a thriving business, providing many jobs for the local communitypeople. Today, the story of Berry Hill Trading continues to encourage and inspire others to succeed themselves.

Investing in others is a core value for us at Pick n Pay. That's why we're proud to support Berry Hill Trading by stocking its products in our stores.

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Goedgedacht Olive Oil

We found GOODNESS in the invaluable impact of an olive farm. Goedgedacht Foods opened its doors 1993 and soon became known for its high quality products. But this was not simply the beginning of a company that makes fine olive oil. It was also the start of a new future for a rural community. The business is committed to community development through youth programmes and training and have impacted the lives of countless rural people. Watch their story and you'll soon see why Pick n Pay is committed to supporting what they do.

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All Seasons Milk Factory

We found GOODNESS in the social change a box of milk can bring. All Seasons is more than just a dairy brand: it is a business that gives rural women and farm workers a chance at a better life. Education and job creation are at the heart of who they are, and, through the Intshona Social Development Programme, they have seen this focus impact many. Some have been granted bursaries. Others have become shareholders. And everyone has a brighter future as a result.

At Pick n Pay, we think of the long term too. That's why we've chosen to support All Seasons by stocking their milk in our stores. We believe in what they are doing. And we'll be partnering with them as they do it for many years to come.

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Junior Road Running Series

We found GOODNESS in developing young sporting talent. More specifically, in the Junior Road Running Series. It all started when Central Gauteng Athletics decided to change the future. So they went about creating a series of road running events for previously disadvantaged children.
Pick n Pay is committed to bringing hope and opportunity to the less fortunate. When we heard about Central Gauteng Athletics' project, we quickly became an active partner. Today, races are held across the country and many young dreams have become a reality.

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Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

We found GOODNESS in a centre that has protected countless rare animals. It began when one woman gave 35 cheetahs a home on her farm. Her love of animals together and a growing need for rehabilitation of wild animals saw the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) open in 1990. Rhinos, Wild Dogs and Sable Antelope are just some of the animals that have been given a second chance because of the centre's efforts.

Passionate about our country's natural beauty, we at Pick n Pay are proud to support the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre and their work.

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