This included paying fairer prices and establishing direct trading partnerships with producers, thereby sharing knowledge and information on production, market and quality requirements.

Today Fairtrade is the leading certification system for sustainability and poverty alleviation. There are thousands of Fairtrade certified companies in the world (producer organisations, manufacturers and traders) that make a difference every day through Fairtrade trading.


Fairtrade creates more opportunities for those farming communities who have been economically disadvantaged or marginalised by the conventional trading system. Fairtrade benefits small-scale farmers and farm workers by:

  1. ensuring better trading, working and living conditions through Fairtrade Standards
  2. providing a Fairtrade Premium that small-scale farmers (in the case of a co-operative) and farmworkers (in the case of a commercial farm) can invest in projects to improve their lives and those in their communities
  3. supporting sustainable production and protection of the environment for a better future