The integration with Vitality has enabled us to improve our competitive position by offering unique products with better benefits and at a lower price than our competitors.

In South Africa, we operate in the health insurance market through Discovery Health, the life assurance market through Discovery Life, the financial services market through Discovery Invest and DiscoveryCard and in the wellness arena through Discovery Vitality. All operating subsidiaries are 100% owned by Discovery.

In the United Kingdom, PruProtection, our joint venture with Prudential Plc, offers consumer-engaged health and life insurance products through PruHealth and PruProtect. PruProtection has successfully leveraged Discovery’s Vitality-integrated approach in both markets.

In the United States, we launched a stand-alone version of our leading wellness programme, Vitality, which is being sold to self-insured, large employer groups and to healthcare carriers. Through this model, we are able to capitalise on the emerging trend towards wellness in the US.

Discovery Holdings listed on the JSE in 1999 and has no other listings on local or international equity or debt exchanges.

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